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Exclusive House Shoes Collection

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Trending Treats

Who doesn't like candy?! I've got some of the most trending treats here! Shop our Candy Kids Collection! I'm sure there's something here you'll love!

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Croc Charms

"So many options!!" And "How do I decide??" I get those 2 questions the most! I say get what pops out at you!! We have plenty of croc charm for you to make your shoes reflect your style! You want to check in here often 'cause new styles are added often!

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Hats & Bags

Accessories don't just mean earrings or jewelry! Sometimes we want to rock a hat to top off the fit!! We have a lot of stuffs to carry around to keep it cute so we gotta have a cute bag too. Periodt!!

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We have something here for the girlz and the guyz! Take a peek! There is definitely something in this collection that you want! A necklace is the perfect piece to accessorize with along with pretty much anything else listed here! Go look!

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So many of you have asked so here ya go! Start your business here. We have included a variety of wholesale options based off of our best selling items. Look around a bit!

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